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Why Buy From Us?

If your company has a huge storage or warehouse facility, forklifts are essential for business. Not only do forklifts help you move around and store your inventory, they help your business with efficiency and, ultimately, cost control. If you need to add a forklift to your company, contact 4K LIFT  for a massive inventory of new and used forklifts and knowledge and experience that can’t be beat. Trust the experts at 4K LIFT  to help you find the forklift that’s perfect for your business needs.

4K LIFT is the forklift dealer to trust because we work with leading manufacturers in the industry to provide the best machines to our customers. Brands we have in stock include Toyota, Hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Yale and more. You can trust that you will receive the finest service and selection at 4K LIFT.


Our inventory includes: sit down riders, pickers, stockers, reaches, rough terrain tractors, shooting booms and more. We have forklifts available in all kinds of power types, including propane, gas, diesel and electric. We additionally offer small forklifts capable of lifting 3,000 pounds along with heavy duty forklifts than can be counted on to lift 25,000 pounds or more.

Forklifts are available at affordable prices and a 30-day exchange option is available as well. Our used forklifts have been reconditioned to be in great shape for new users. Ask us about new forklifts for sale that we’ve added to our inventory.

If your current forklift requires a bit of service, 4K LIFT is the team to trust. Our experienced team can service all kinds of forklifts from many different makes and models. We also stock a full line of parts in case your forklift needs something replaced. If you ever need to bring your forklift in for any kind of maintenance, be sure to contact 4K LIFT.

If you have any questions regarding 4K LIFT forklifts and how they can help your business, be sure to call us at 817-507-6070. We serve customers in cities like Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City Shreveport, and New Orleans, with the largest selection of used forklifts and new forklifts for sale in the entire region. 


Our experienced team can service all kinds of forklifts from many different makes and models.

We have a large shop facility for major repairs, engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, lift cylinder rebuilds, steering axle rebuilds, or any other service that can not be done quickly and safely at your location.

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