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used forklifts new orleans

Proudly serving ALL States

4K LIFT Co. was founded in 1989 by Rick Kahle, who has over 30 years of forklift experience. With that experience, commitment and forklift expertise, 4K LIFT  manages to establish a business relationship with its customers that last a lifetime!

Company owners everywhere are discovering that purchasing good used forklifts is a great business investment for their particular operation. 4K LIFT is a forklift company that takes away the overwhelming aspects of searching for good used forklifts.

4K LIFT is a forklift company that combines top-notch equipment, great customer service and prices that can’t be beat to make your search for used forklifts a much easier process.

4K LIFT is a forklift company that is ready to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing used forklifts. We offer one of the largest collections of used forklifts anywhere in the country!




Our experienced team can service all kinds of forklifts from many different makes and models.

We have a large shop facility for major repairs, engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, lift cylinder rebuilds, steering axle rebuilds, or any other service that can not be done quickly and safely at your location.

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